About Us

Welcome to TenZero8 Studio!

I have always enjoyed projects, DIY and most anything creative. I also love the before and after of taking an old piece of furniture and transforming it into a beautiful “new” piece to be loved for years to come. The quality found in older pieces – solid wood construction and detail is hard to find in stores today without being cost prohibitive to most people. I also love the hunt in thrift stores and antique malls for the perfect piece to make-over. I am now lucky enough to be able to do what I love as a source of income for my super supportive family…here is the story how we started this adventure:

In 2012, our family relocated from the South to the Mid-West for my husband’s job. This move allowed me to go from working full-time to a SAHM for the first time in several years (for which I am so grateful). It also came with a new house and couple of extra rooms to furnish and my discovery of that big website for photo sharing and meeting of the creative minds. One of the rooms we needed to furnish was my then 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom. After some window shopping and research, I quickly decided that I could redo our old bedroom furniture for a fraction of the cost and have better quality than what was in the stores. The original finish was a honey oak (so popular in the 90’s when we got married, but NOT a pre-teen girl’s dream bedroom), so we decided to paint it black. It turned out great & I was hooked on refinishing furniture!

I began buying pieces with good bones from thrift stores and Craigslist to refinish. The first few pieces I purchased and refinished were for personal use and are still in my home. Our garage was soon overtaken with my “treasures” and we were parking in the driveway. My hubby was (thankfully) very supportive and understanding of my new hobby. Despite loving and wanting to keep every piece I did, we quickly decided that there was no room in our house for additional furniture without the risk of appearing on one of those hoarder TV shows one day. I reluctantly listed a piece for sale…and it sold FAST! Soon requests began coming in from people who had seen my work for sale and wanted me to refinish pieces they owned.

At first, I painted from my garage and in the winter we took down the dining table, and I painted from the dining room. (Another shout out here for the understanding and support from my hubby and kids!) Requests kept coming in from clients and my stash of pieces kept growing until we finally made the decision that I need dedicated work and storage space.

In May of 2015, we made the leap and I signed a lease for a rented workshop and an official business was created. You can see my available pieces on my TenZero8 Studio facebook page,  My husband has become my weekend Mr. Fix-It and enjoys rebuilding and repairing pieces to match the sometimes crazy ideas in my head.

Now that you are all caught up on how we got here, I hope you will join me in the excitement of what is to come…